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  1. The Company maintains the highest standard of security at to keep your login and account details safe and secure. Your personal & account details are always private, safe & secured.
  2. Company ensures 100% safety of your card transactions on our website. Payment gateway which processes your card payments interfaces with various banks. Through SSL protocol, a unique encrypted channel is created for private communications over the public internet to help the users in protecting their data during transfer. Through SSL, sensitive information such as card numbers, login credentials are transmitted securely. 256-bit SSL verified technology ensures that data is encrypted and it cannot be read as the information is communicated through internet.
  3. CVV which is an anti-fraud security feature helps to verify that you are in possession of your Credit Card. CVV is mentioned at the back of the card. Payment gateway that interfaces with various banks will always prompt you to enter the CVV details to ensure that you actually hold the card you are using for the online transaction.
  4. 3 D Secure is an additional layer of security feature which provides you with a password to protect your online transactions just like the way you use your PIN at the ATM. 3D Secure lets you to shop online securely. Payment gateway that interfaces with various banks asks you to enter the 3D secure password to ensure that you actually have entered the password for the card you are using to validate the online transaction.
  5. Our company neither collects nor stores any of your account information.
  6. We accept all MasterCard, Visa credit cards and Internet Banking.
  7. Our Company respects your confidentiality and is committed to protecting it. Please go through our Privacy Policy and Terms of use for more details.