Pai Lowest Price Challenge

Terms and Conditions

Lowest Price Sale (LPS) :

(1) Customer gets lower price Quote from any authorized dealer.

(2) Customer has to purchase the product from us mandatorily.

(3) Customer has to submit same day Original Quotation of other Authorized dealer for the same Model / Colour / Feature / City / Town to claim the difference amount.

(4) Original Quotation has to be handed over to the concerned Pai Store Manager / Pai Head Office

(5) Customer will get 3 times the amount (difference between the price of the product mentioned in the Quotation and Pai Price) within 4 working days by the way of Pai Gift Voucher.

(6) Pai Gift Voucher can be redeemed at any of our Stores.

(7) Pai Gift Voucher is not exchangeable for cash.

(8) Decision of Pai International is final and binding.

(9) LPS is not applicable for Furniture products, Mobiles, Laptops, IT Accessories, Desktops, Tablets & Other Accessories.

(10) LPS applicable in Bangalore City Only.

(11) Online Dealer’s Prices are not applicable under this offer.

(12) If the customer purchases from another authorized dealer then the offer is not applicable.

(13) Pai International reserves the right to withdraw or modify the offers, terms & conditions at any time without any prior notice.

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