Terms and Condition

  1. The No Cost EMI and Low-Cost EMI facilities apply to customers who make a purchase transaction on paiinternational.in using a credit card or debit card issued by eligible banks using the EMI facility; if available on paiinternational.in
  2. “No-Cost EMI” and "Low-Cost EMI" are made available with select banks, as determined from time to time.
  3. Eligible products will have details of the eligible banks and card type (credit card or debit card) mentioned on the Product Description pages under the EMI plans section.
  4. Some banks may charge additional fees for EMI conversion, please check with the issuing bank for any additional charges or GST on the additional charges.
  5. The "No Cost EMI" and "Low-Cost EMI" payment options can be availed using the selected credit card and debit cards as determined from time to time.
  6. The participating banks/brands reserve the right to charge Goods and Services Tax (GST) or other applicable taxes on the purchase transactions undertaken on EMI which will be over and above the product price.
  7. The EMI facility is made available to the customers by and at the sole discretion of the banks issuing the credit cards and Debit Cards.
  8. Pai International Electronics Ltd will not be liable for any claims on account of the availability or non-availability of the EMI facility.
  9. Individual bank terms and conditions for the issuing bank on EMI transactions will also be binding for "No Cost EMI" and "Low-Cost EMI" transactions on Pai International.
  10. Pai International is only responsible for the refund of the transaction. Cancellation of the loan will be as per the terms and conditions of the issuing bank.
  11. Pai International reserves the right to change the banks offering the No Cost EMI or stop the No Cost EMI payment option at any time without prior notice and any liability.
  12. All Disputes are subject to Bengaluru Jurisdiction.
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