Mega Festival Sale 2022


1.       Coupons are not exchangeable for cash. Coupons are redeemable only once.

2.       The winner shall bear the TDS under IT Act 1961 (Mega Bumper Prize & Bumper Prize).

3.       If any gifts/prizes are not available, an equal value gift/prize will be given.

4.       The winner shall redeem the prize within 90 days from the date of draw.

5.       The method of doing a coupon draw is at the sole discretion of the organizer/dealer.

6.       The coupon draw decisions will be final & binding. Any disputes subject to Bangalore City Jurisdiction only.

7.       Winners of the Mega Bumper Prize & Bumper Prize shall submit their passport size photograph, Invoice photocopy, Address proof & PAN Card photocopy.

8.       The organizer/dealer has the right to utilize the prize winner's details such as photographs, contact information & other details in their advertisements.

9.       Please check whether the name, address, phone number, are entered properly in your sales invoice.

10.   Due to the pandemic, the date and time of the draw are subjected to change and venue details will be sent by SMS to selective customers.

11.   Offer not valid for Samsung mobiles below 10k / select models/ flagship models.

12.   Offer not valid for select brands/models. Coupon offer applicable for select brands/models.

13.   In case of any eventuality, the draw date and place can be changed at the sole discretion of the dealer.

14.   This offer cannot be clubbed with any other offers. Please bring the Original Invoice to attend the Draw Function.

15.   A coupon can win only one prize, whichever is the highest.

16.   Issuing of the coupon is at the sole discretion of Pai International.

17.   Pai International reserves the right to withdraw, modify the offers, terms & conditions at any time without any prior notice.

18.   Each Pai Loyalty Point is worth 0.25. 20,000 Pai Loyalty Points are worth 5,000. 10,000 Pai Loyalty Points are worth 2,500. 5,000 Pai Loyalty Points are worth 1,250. 2,000 Pai Loyalty Points are worth 500.

19.   Pai Loyalty Points will be posted to the eligible prize winner’s primary registered mobile number within 3-4 working days after the draw date.

20.   These Pai Loyalty Points will have a validity of 90 days of the posting. Prize-winner has to redeem these points within 90 days. After 90 days the points will get expired.

21.   The Customer should give a valid 10 digit primary mobile number in the billing for posting of Pai Loyalty Points. Any other number/alternate number will not be considered for points posting.


(a)  3 lucky customers to win cash prize of 10 Lakhs

(b) 120 Lucky customers to win a cash prize of 1 lakh

(c)  300 lucky customers to win 20,000 Pai loyaity points

(d) 300 lucky customers to win 10,000 Pai loyaity points

(e) 3000 lucky customers to win 5000 Pai loyality Points

(f) 60000 lucky to win 2000 Pai loyality Points

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