E-Waste Management

As per E-Waste Management Rules 2016

PAI INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS LIMITED Considers environmental management activities to the utmost and contribute to the prevention and solution of various environmental problems. We analyze mass balance in the company’s business operations and use it to develop measures to reduce its impact on the environment. PAI INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS LIMITED applies the effort in the provision of ‘’solution for society’’, to create a safe, secure, efficient and fair society where people lead the prosperous lives. The continuous improvements in our products & solutions establish a sustainable lifestyle base by utilizing limited resources effectively and taking measures to prevent damage to the global environment in order to live in harmony with the earth. PAI INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS LIMITED provides support in elucidating casual factors and in formulating countermeasures for various environmental problems in order to realize a sustainable society in harmonious coexistence with the earth.

PAI INTERNATIONAL Waste Collection programme

PAI INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS LIMITED complies with the E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016 and E-Waste (Management) Amendment Rules, 2017. As part of Extended Producers’ Responsibility, PAI INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS LIMITED has set up a collection mechanism to channelize and recycling/dismantling of e-waste.

General Scheme of Collection:

PAI INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS LIMITED being a producer as per E-waste management rule-2016 has been acting towards the goals of sustainable development for effectively management of electronic waste.

PAI INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS LIMITED also confirm to give priority to compliance and follow all regulation amended from time to time by the government authorities related to e-waste management Rules, 2016.

As an environmentally responsible corporate organization we hereby ensure environmentally safe and sound management of e-waste and for the same we have partnered with M/s Vincular Testing Labs India Private Limited a Producer Responsibility Organization who will support us in the channelization of e-waste from end customer to the recycling/dismantling premise, establishment of collection centres and running buy-back scheme as an when required.

PAI INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS LIMITED also has involved GMS WORLDWIDE EXPRESS PVT. LTD. as a supporting reverse logistics partner for door to door collection of e-waste.

As per our agreement, environmentally safe and sound transportation and handling of e-waste collected from door to door service will be done by the reverse logistic partner.

As a support, we will ensure to mention the toll-free no. in the invoice and our official website.

Any consumer who wish to handover the old product, they can reach out to us on our dedicated toll-free no. 18001024927 and accordingly we shall co-ordinate with our PRO to take the same forward.